Prof. Dror Fixler – Self calibration iso-pathlength point in cylindrical tissue geometry: solution of steady-state photon diffusion based on the extrapolated zero-boundary

Prof. Dror Fixler


Near-infrared optical techniques permit tissue diagnosis by surface measurement. However, the geometrical shape of this interface profiles the intensity of the surface measurement, which is found to have an iso-pathlength (IPL) point allowing for absorption identification independent of tissue scattering. The IPL point was projected in Monte Carlo (MC) simulation, validated experimentally in cylindrical tissues, but remains under-appreciated through analytical approaches. In this work, we present an analytical solution of an IPL point for steady-state diffusion based on the extrapolated zero-boundary condition. The same IPL points were found when comparing this solution to 3-D MC simulations for a tissue radius range of 5-8mm.

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