The Future of Personalized Medicine

  • In the near future, The Dangoor Centre looks forward to expanding research grant funding for worthy projects in personalized medicine. Cancer therapy is one area in particular where we would like to seek to make a grant.
  • In the present times, research on cardiovascular disease projects has revealed the need for developing database to assist in connecting patient traits to patient outcomes. Keeping this in mind, we plan to foster expanded database development, integrating research data and public health records.
  • Continuing our efforts, we will seek computational means to fully integrate gene sequencing data produced in our labs with patients’ electronic health records and data from clinical tests.
  • Our aim is to deploy this information through an appropriate platform so we can create a data-rich environment for more resources to practitioners and better healthcare.
  • We anticipate increased multidisciplinary panels and meetings encouraging professional collaborations with international healthcare professionals and informed treatment decisions.

The Dangoor Center For Personalized Medicine organizes a host of educational workshops and seminars that focus on futuristic development in the field of personalized medicine, taking into account specific clinical needs and technical solutions.

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