Areas of Focus

Grants and Scholarships to Promote Personalized Medicine (cont.)

The Dangoor Center offers research grants for worthy projects in personalized medicine. This is accomplished by issuing a call for papers on personalized medicine and related topics relevant to the population in Northern Israel. The grant will be available to all researchers, physicians and health professionals in personalized medicine and related fields at all institutions worldwide. Submitted research rationales will be reviewed for suitability and potential impact by a committee of researchers, physicians and other health professionals with expertise in the field of research. Areas of particular interest include: Cancer, Heart Disease, Alzheimer Disease, and Autistic Spectrum Disorders.

The Dangoor Center for Personalized Medicine also offers scholarships and stipends to qualified masters and doctoral students who choose to pursue research in personalized medicine and related fields.

Database Development (cont.)

At the crux of personalized medicine is computational biology and big data management. As part of its mission, the Dangoor Center for Personalized Medicine is working with numerous strategic partners to develop a new database that integrates laboratory findings with patients’ electronic health records. This allows healthcare professionals to match health records of individual patients with lab-based findings to identify the most effective treatment. The database also facilitates discovering key genetic factors contributing to disease epidemics. Using the database, the Dangoor Center for Personalized Medicine will use genetic information and disease presentation to develop accurate clinical tests that can be used to determine the course of treatment on a per-patient basis.

Collaboration (cont.)

Multidisciplinary panel meetings are central to the Dangoor Center’s business model. The bold, new methodologies being developed at the Dangoor Center are subject to dialogue as well as consensus as to how to reliably subject the emerging tests to evidence-based medical scrutiny. This will assist the Center in developing safe and effective guidelines for these new technologies.

Seminars and Focus Groups (cont.)

Twice a year, Dangoor Center researchers prepare and host educational workshops and seminars focusing on specific clinical needs and technical solutions. Topics include: a) genetic testing for drug choice and dosage and b) microbiome profiling before choosing antibiotics for chronic conditions. These workshops provide the professionals in each clinical field a forum for expressing their confidence in new clinical testing methods being developed by the Dangoor Center, as well as strengthening ties to other research centers, creating a multi-center consortium capable of rigorously exploring the new personalized medicine paradigms being proposed by the Center. The Dangoor Center management plan involves constant interaction between Dangoor Center laboratory personnel and affiliated physicians, giving all partners the opportunity to explore the data being collected on patients in affiliated hospitals. This is augmented by weekly teleconferences held by smaller groups that focus on specific case studies, with discussions documented using the new database interface.

BIU medical students attend case-study focus groups to enrich their knowledge of personalized medicine beyond classroom and textbook study. The Focus Groups demonstrate to medical students the benefits of using a multi-disciplinary personalized approach to medicine.