Hub of Grants & Scholarships

The Dangoor Center is a hub of a lot of activities. We not only offer research grants for worthy projects in personalized medicine, but also house a lot of scholarship seminars and focus groups, giving a platform to several researchers and students to share or imbibe knowledge.

The Dangoor Center for Personalized Medicine is currently working with numerous strategic partners to develop a new database that integrates laboratory findings with patients’ electronic health records. This allows healthcare professionals to match health records of individual patients with lab-based findings to identify the most effective treatment.

The Centre’s database also facilitates discovering key genetic factors contributing to disease epidemics. Using the database, the Dangoor Center for Personalized Medicine will use genetic information and disease presentation to develop accurate clinical tests that can be used to determine the course of treatment on a per-patient basis.

Future Plans

  • Apart from our plans to expand the research grant funding for worthy projects, the one area in particular where Dangoor Center will seek to make a grant is personalized cancer therapy.
  • We are also striving to increase multidisciplinary panels and meetings that will encourage professional collaborations with international healthcare professionals and enhance informed treatment decisions
  • The Dangoor Centre for Personalized Medicine also plans to foster expanded database development, integrating research data and public health records
  • We have a host of educational workshops and seminars focusing on specific clinical needs and technical solutions.
  • Reach out to us to learn more.