Bar-Ilan University

Established more than 60 years ago, the Bar-Ilan University was founded with the mission of imbuing its students with knowledge and appreciation of Jewish heritage and values combined with academic excellence and a sense of social responsibility. Bar-Ilan has come down from the ivory tower and has fostered numerous programs for the benefit of the community. Alongside their academic pursuits, our students participate in various volunteer initiatives designed to enrich their academic careers while at the same time benefit the wider society.

The Bar-Ilan family numbers 33,000 students, including BA, MA and PhD students at our award-winning main campus just outside Tel-Aviv, at our School of Medicine campus in Tzefat, and at our four regional colleges. This number includes thousands more who are enrolled in certificate and enrichment programs, including the largest in-service teacher training program in Israel. 100,000 BIU alumni are making an impact in Israel and around the world in science, security, hi-tech, government, music, law, business, education, journalism, and dozens of other fields.

Bar-Ilan is home to 8 Faculties: Jewish Studies; Law; Humanities; Social Sciences; Engineering; Life Sciences; Exact Sciences; and the School of Medicine in the Galilee which opened in 2011.

Combining academic excellence with a commitment to Jewish enrichment and values, Bar-Ilan has achieved an international reputation in the sciences and humanities while remaining firmly committed to the Jewish People, its tradition and culture. Home to the largest Jewish studies faculty in the world, BIU is also pursuing cutting-edge scientific research, as seen at our burgeoning Nanotechnology Institute and School of Engineering. In addition, BIU is leading a national initiative to stem Israel's “brain drain” by repatriating outstanding Israeli researchers who are currently working abroad.

The sterling academic experience provided by Bar-Ilan University is what one would expect from any world-class institution, in Israel or elsewhere: we impart knowledge to our students, and provide them with the critical ability and tools to analyze that knowledge, to study academic subjects with rigor and discipline, and apply their findings and understandings to contemporary realities.

The University is comprised of students from all over Israel—secular and religious; Jews and non-Jews; Sabras and new immigrants. Included within the BIU family, as well, are a multi-faceted academic faculty and administrative staff. Their confluence represents a mosaic of the State of Israel, providing a unique atmosphere for open exchange of ideas and embracement of the "other." Diversity is a key on the BIU campus, and tolerance and civility our modus operandi.