Welcome to The Dangoor Centre for Personalized Medicine

Welcome to The Dangoor Centre for Personalized Medicine located at Bar-Ilan University, which is spearheading the research and application of personalized medicine through:

  • Advanced Technology
  • Big-data Analysis, and
  • Translational Research Protocol
The Dangoor Centre For Personalized Medicine

Our Mission

Having been operating for more than a year now, the Centre’s mission is to become a gateway to the healthcare community.

Our website focuses on promoting awareness, understanding, and application of Personalized Medicine by healthcare professionals. Our goal is to offer accurate and relevant data that serves as a platform for forging relationships between researchers and physicians, and promoting collaboration.

The Dangoor Centre’s website is not only a portal for information on Personalized Medicine, but also an interactive platform through which members can access Research Articles and Case Studies.

Most important of all is the fact that physicians can submit a request for a Case Review and receive guidance in applying PM from Bar-Ilan University researchers.

The site also serves as a database of applied research and activities related to personalized medicine.

What is Personalized Medicine?

Personalized Medicine is the selection of a course of treatment based on an analysis of the patient’s genetic and epigenetic history, and the genetic footprint of the disease that he/she is fighting. Often, patients are genetically predisposed to respond more favorably to one of several treatment options. Taking genetic data into consideration can often result in better treatment choice, and a better outcome.

It is an open secret that we cannot think about cure until and unless the medicine prescribed is a personalized one. Which is why we need The Dangoor Centre for Personalized Medicine, a platform that helps in enriching the knowledge of those related to the medical research field, be it the doctors, researchers or students. Contact us to learn more.